5 Little Known Ways Your Insurance Agent Can Help You

insurance agent helping a customer

What is the job of an insurance agent? What do you think they do every day? Do you think they are mainly salespeople with goals and quotas to meet – just selling insurance to anyone who will buy it? That isn’t entirely true. While it may be their job to sign people up for insurance […]

4 Benefits of Boat Insurance In Oklahoma

boat insurance in oklahoma

Often called a haven for water recreation, Oklahoma is known for its more than 200 lakes. If you are considering joining the thousands of Oklahomans who enjoy these waterways by boat or have already decided to purchase a boat, this post is for you.  Our team is highlighting the top four benefits of boat insurance […]

Understanding Life Insurance and How Much You Need

kennedy insurance in oklahoma

Every day the Kennedy Insurance team works with Oklahomans and Kansans to determine life insurance needs. Most people don’t want to think about life insurance very often. Thinking about the what-ifs and death-related scenarios isn’t typically enjoyable. Still, the benefits of a robust life insurance policy can provide peace of mind that makes up for […]

What Is The Difference Between Being Bonded and Insured?

info about surety bonds

For business owners, insurance and bonding can establish client trust and confidence throughout a project. If you work in an industry that requires or uses insurance and bonds or are a client or patron of someone who uses them, keep reading to learn more about how insurance and bonds can protect you, your business, and […]


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