Business Insurance

Brian Kennedy has provided businesses insurance policies for nearly 40 years. As an experienced generalist commercial agent, he has worked with businesses across various industries, including restaurants, offices, retail, apartments and condominiums, artisan contractors and manufacturing. Choosing the right policies for your business is not a burden you should carry alone. Brian and his team provide the best service and have the tested knowledge to help protect your business.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether your business owns a fleet of cars or just one vehicle, commercial auto insurance is essential for protecting your company and your employees. Gain peace of mind knowing your business is sufficiently covered by talking with one of our team members today. Our team will help determine the best policy for your business vehicle needs.

Property Insurance

Most of us spend around a third of our day in office buildings, and the time not spent at work or home is often spent in retail stores or restaurants. Regardless of the property type, the buildings you own need coverage. The needs of each building type are nuanced, but that’s why Oklahomans have trusted Brian Kennedy’s knowledge about commercial property insurance for decades. Our team will be glad to build a policy custom-fit for your needs. Whether you own an office, apartment complex, or industrial building, we can help.

General Liability and Excess Liability Insurance

Most businesses need at least a little coverage in case of an accident or damage. We help Oklahoma business owners select general liability coverage to protect their businesses from claims that may occur during the course of regular business. Excess liability coverage will protect your business if a claim exceeds your general liability policy coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance

Mistakes happen. It’s a part of life. Unfortunately, mistakes are a part of business too. Professional liability coverage will protect you and your business. With decades of experience working with businesses in Bartlesville and beyond, we can help you determine if and how much professional liability coverage you need.

Workers Compensation Insurance

High-quality workers compensation insurance is invaluable if an employee becomes sick or injured at work. Choosing a workers comp policy can feel intimidating. Your employees and business will depend on the policy’s benefits to see you through unexpected workplace-related injuries, illness or death. Brian and his team can help you navigate legal requirements and policy coverage to select the best workers comp policy for your business.

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