Surety Bonds

More than 20 years ago, Brian Kennedy and his team began providing bonding services to clients to meet their growing needs. Insurance clients in the construction industry needed bid, performance and payment surety bonds and from those needs, the agency grew to provide various bond services. Oklahomans rely on Brian’s appointments with national bonding companies, and we would love to meet your surety bond needs as well.

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License and Permit Bonds

Commercial, or license and permit, bonds are needed for a variety of businesses from roofing, construction, alcohol distribution and agriculture. If you need a license and permit bond for your business, or you’re not sure exactly what you need, Brian and his team will gladly work with you to ensure you’re adequately bonded.

Court Bonds

Although you prefer not to need a court bond, our agency is a reliable partner for providing court bond services when you do need us. You can depend on Brian and the Kennedy Agency team to secure your court bonds in Bartlesville, Tulsa, and across Oklahoma.

Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds

Since the mid-1990s, bid, performance and payment bonds for contractors have been some of the most rewarding business for Brian and his team. Our agency loves working with contractors in the construction industry to ensure they have the bonds needed to run their businesses. We’re passionate about seeing our clients and the Bartlesville community thrive, and it’s our pleasure to be a resource and partner to contractors by providing the surety bonds they need.

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